Who can apply for Higher Ground?

Our program is designed for teachable and positive-minded Christian students who desire to develop their faith, and build their life’s foundation on Christ. Students should be ready to be challenged in all areas of their life, and should have an interest in experiential learning and biblical study. Our program is geared toward students who are not sure what they want to do with their life, have a desire to discover their calling and become prepared to live it out.


Students must be between the ages of 18 and 20 at the time of acceptance into Higher Ground.


Although many Christian students can benefit from our program, those who are adjudicated, court-mandated, or requiring regular professional therapy are beyond the scope of practice of Higher Ground staff.


Does Higher Ground have a church or denominational affiliation?

No. We are an non-denominational Christian organization that teaches the Word of God. Please visit our statement of beliefs for specific information.


Will I get any time off?

Yes, you will have off for Thanksgiving break, and will have off on most weekends. There will be a few weekends throughout the program where you will be away for a program retreat, missions trip, or other type of overnight trip. There will also be some occasional weekend events at Higher Ground. Although most weekends are typically free, students do have guidelines for how and where they choose to spend their free time.


Do students need health insurance?

Yes, Higher Ground requires that all students have health insurance for the duration of the program. We will help you seek proper medical attention in the event of injury or illness, however, you are responsible for all expenses incurred for medical treatment and services received during your time in the program.


Can I bring my cell phone?

Yes, you can bring your cell phone, but be prepared to limit the time that you may use it. At times, your program leaders may ask you to turn it off so that you do not miss out on opportunities to connect with people and with what’s happening around you.

Where do students live?
Throughout a semester, students primarily live on Higher Ground’s base camp and periodically take trips to other states or countries.
Camp Hebron acts as our base camp and main campus during each semester. Camp Hebron is a year round Christian camp and retreat center located north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

What do students typically do after their semester at Higher Ground?

The possibilities are endless. Some students may decide to attend a two or four-year college,  after their semester at Higher Ground. Some may decide to work part-time and take college courses online. Others may begin to pursue some type of ministry training. Students are encouraged to follow God’s lead after their semester at Higher Ground. Alumni of Higher Ground may also go on to Liberty University and receive a 15% tuition discount.


I just finished, or I am just about to finish high school. Why should I come to Higher Ground?

Higher Ground is the perfect place to build a solid foundation for your life. It a place where you can explore your interests and different career paths, while discovering more about yourself, and the path that God is leading you towards.

Higher Ground Gap Year is a project of Live 10:27 Ministries, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization
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